I was caught in that treadmill of doing things the same way and expecting different results, I know now that it was all I could do because it was all I wasbrian_h_250 ever taught. Training with you unlocked the door for me. I was able to take what I’d learned in business and finance and marry it to my passion to the point I was able to turn my company into the second largest non-public building company in Southwest Florida.
Russ, I can honestly say that without the training and the lessons you taught me, none of that would have happened. As I move my company forward now through these tough economic times, the lessons and continued training I am getting in business and the Inner Voice have helped me re-think the passion-to keep my dreams and the dreams of my clients alive and to capitalize on what is, despite appearances to the contrary, one of the greatest opportunities to make money that this country has ever seen. I look forward to continued success and of course continued learning.— Brian H.

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