My business was struggling financially and I was carrying the stress. Life was not fun because I wasn’t quite sure if we were going to make it and where we were headed. My vision was cloudy because of fear, stress and not knowing about how to communicate with my inner voice.dustin_mathews_250

Russ helped me by showing me the morning routine where we communicate with our Inner Voice and write out our day and what we’re grateful with. Immediately this helped because before I was dragging and dreading the day as I was unsure of what was coming. I was in fear. Instead I learned to appreciate the lessons that I was learning and that whatever will be, will be.

I remember feeling lighter from the release of the negative energy. I must admit I was fighting it because as an entrepreneur, I had been taught to take ownership and control of the situation. Working with the Inner Voice allowed me to still be responsible but not be attached to the meaning. Not an easy concept to grasp and one I continually rediscover.

So if life isn’t going your way. Perhaps you’re stressed, feel helpless or unsure of your path and you know there is a much more fulfilling life to be lived by you then you owe it to yourself to read the Inner Voice book.— Dustin M.

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