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The Inner Voice® Community provides a straightforward approach to helping you achieve your dreams and aspirations. Whether you want to improve your relationships, achieve greater wealth or make lasting, positive adjustments to all areas of your life, the Inner Voice Community will become the greatest asset in your toolbox.

As an Inner Voice® community member, you’ll network with like-minded people who are just as passionate about practicing the principles and teachings of the Inner Voice®. You’ll get the encouragement and inspiration you need to build the life you’ve always desired.

Inner Voice® is a very unique organization. We like to think of it as a gathering place where people of different backgrounds, races, faiths, political affiliations and economic status come together to share ideas and discover how to create a better life.

Would you like to make more money doing something you love to do?
If you could have your dreams come true, personally and financially, wouldn’t it make sense to have an easy to follow plan that you know really works.  A plan that is time tested and proven is how most successful people achieve their goals and dreams.

Want guidance you can trust to building wealth? Look no further because we’ll reveal the best advice to making money whether it’s in real estate, business, Wall Street, online, offline … you name it and we’ll show you how to profit.

We uncover the many mysteries of life such as how to build deep, long-lasting relationships with those you care about most …how to achieve financial independence …and how to become the person you’ve always imagined.

Inner Voice® is an independent organization. It’s not affiliated with any political or religious groups. It simply exists to help others find their purpose in life and live it the fullest extent possible.

Some of the teachings have been around since the dawn of mankind. Some are fairly new. But all are proven to work.

Other than the Inner Voice® Community, members will also have access to:

NEW * Stop, Drop & Roll audio series, designed to help anyone out of a financial crisis.

NEW * Hot Seat Audio Sessions – Join Russ and other Certified Inner Voice coaches while they work with students to solve everyday problems and help them to remove blocks in their lives.

NEW * The “Fly on the Wall” audio series – Be a fly on the wall and listen in as Russ and his Executive Management team discuss current issues and create new business strategies.

Inner Voice Whispers video series – Daily inspirational messages that provide the motivation and inspiration to achieve what you KNOW is possible for you.
Inner Voice Interviews – Find out how Inner Voice has impacted the lives of current members and how they utilized the tools provided to work in their own lives.
The Community is frequently updated with more Inner Voice and Business items, so check back often.

Inner Voice® is a group that has come to find a different way of life, a different way of living. Although our main thrust is towards opportunity seekers, business owners, investors, who have been chasing, chasing, chasing, and not finding their pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, all are welcome to benefit from these principles and strategies. Many are experiencing some frustration with this market or other markets. It often seems like each time we start an endeavor, it’s short term and not long lasting. Inner Voice® is also about resolving a lack of fulfillment in our relationships. It’s really about achieving balance and finding new ways to live while remaining productive.

Inner Voice® will share the most revealing truths about success that have ever been discussed on this planet! The ultimate goal of Inner Voice® is to improve your life in every way imaginable. You will learn how to make more money, achieve greater success, enhanced happiness in your relationships, and bring more balance to your life and much more! Most importantly, we will share with you how you can have a better ratio of peace and joy in your life, like you never had before while being more productive in every facet of your life! This will all happen while you fulfill your life’s work. In Inner Voice®, we grow, stretch, and reach our fullest potential by practicing the IV Success Principles and Strategies.

You are not alone in your journey to attaining the successful, joyous and free life that was your gift at birth. Inner Voice® has a team of people that coach, support and assist you along the way. Ultimately, it comes down to you—only you can make the decisions that will change your life. This program is for people who have TRIED everything and are finally ready for real change and success. By using the Inner Voice® Success Principles, we spend a lot less time working yet experience greater productivity. We internalize a greater sense of fulfillment, which provides unlimited fuel to fulfill our mission. There are no limits to the potential that you can achieve through the Inner Voice®.

When we learn and use the Inner Voice® Success Principles, we intuitively learn how to handle situations that previously appeared difficult. Our fear of economic insecurity and other people will vanish. This cutting-edge program is one of the most important developments in self-mastery to ever become available. Inner Voice® is not your typical outside motivation or same old “fake-it-til- you-make-it” rhetoric. It is not for everyone. The Inner Voice® Success Principles effect change and motivation from the inside out. It is the first real, tangible change tool that is working for thousands of people worldwide. Changes will not only happen within you, but also to those with whom you work and interact with as well. We become more humble, and within our humility we develop great strength. We use our Inner Voice® experience to help others. To be successful with this program, it will require an open mind, courage, honesty and effort. We learn how to take a hard look at ourselves and then we learn the greatest strategy for life success. Inner Voice® is the best-kept secret in the world. When we put effort into this program, we are able to visualize and implement strategies for immediate results.

All are welcome to join and to begin benefiting from the Inner Voice way of life.


Note from Russ:

Thank God for the Inner Voice! It is Principles and Strategies, having a Program for Life. That’s what most people don’t have, a Program for how to live life and handle any struggle or challenge that comes along. Why do I say that?

Although I have practiced the Inner Voice way of life full time for over 5 years now, I recognize that our Human Training has been ingrained in us since birth.  Learning this new way takes constant effort, not always easy, but worth every second. The beauty of it is that when we learn to handle the same old struggles with Inner Voice Principles, life instantly gets happier for us, stress automatically leaves, a sense of confidence about our purpose in life instantly comes into full view and we lose any doubts and fears!

Wow!  What a way to live. Well, I have a truth to reveal and an amends to make. When Will (current Inner Voice member) was giving me his heartfelt critique on the Inner Voice book, I was defensive and not open minded. The Inner Voice Way of Life tells us clearly that not being open minded is a character defect, which will block us from success.

Last night, and especially this morning, my Inner Voice was convicting me with that.

I’ve come to learn that my ‘Inner Voice’ will always provide a solution, if I have taken the time to learn how to recognize it with Inner Voice training. This morning a book on my dining room table, (one which had been given to me by an old friend), just happened to get my attention. Since I told him I would take the time to read it, I thought I should honor that and stay in ‘self-honesty’.  As I read the first few pages, ‘his writing’ appeared just as Will suggested I do the day before, and I could see it clearly.

His suggestion of mixing humor with some of the tragic stories I share was right on point and it makes this book a much better read!  Thank you for taking the time to read the book and share an honest assessment.

Inner Voice Principle/Strategy – My Inner Voice is always the first ‘pure thought’ that comes to mind. If we don’t act on it immediately, then ‘human training’ gets in the way. That means that when I read this book this morning, my first thought was; Will was right on the money. I need to tell him that because yesterday, by me arguing with him, it may have made him think that he wasted his time and that his critique was not valuable. Turns out, his suggestion was right on!

If I did not act on that Inner Voice thought and write this email to you, then my ‘human training’ would have told me that I didn’t need to do that. I just won’t say anything and I’ll just let it go. Taking that course of action would have been all ego, selfishness, self-centeredness, arrogance and the ‘know it all’ character defects which would hinder my search for the daily truth, today.

Result – Today, it’s easy with the Inner Voice Principle and Strategy of – Listen to my Inner Voice and learn when it is talking as opposed to the ‘human self’. Then simply follow the strategy. I take the first pure thought and act on it.  That is to quickly take an inventory of my behavior, and myself daily.  When wrong admit it and make the apology wherever necessary.

That simple strategy relieves me of guilt, shame, arrogance, impatience and a whole host of other blocks that will keep me from my Purpose, Passion and ultimate success. It also forces me to stay in self-honesty and honesty!

So, my apology, Will.  Your idea was fantastic and it will greatly improve the new Inner Voice Community!

Inner Voice®, is a time-tested, proven system of success that has been around for thousands of years. But only until recently is it available to anyone, in a step-by-step, life-changing system designed and compiled by Millionaire, Author, Russ Whitney.

If you have not seen the Steve Jobs (Apple Computer co-founder), video on connecting the dots backwards, watch it at your earliest convenience.  Steve give you a very short and concise explanation on how he used the very Principles in Inner Voice® to make sense of his own life and how he used this same method to achieve exceptional success. Of course, I am not saying that everyone who follows Inner Voice® is going to achieve the success of Steve Jobs, but it will take all the mystery out of the process from one man’s point of view. From there you will be able to relate it to your own life.

Let me give you one example on how these Inner Voice® Principles worked for me and helped me to achieve multi-millionaire status doing something I loved to do and was completely a result of my childhood wounds.

Many know this story, so if you already know it, please bare with me and I’ll keep it concise. I grew up in a very abusive house-hold with alcoholic parents. I didn’t graduate high school and got into legal trouble in my teens. I got married at 20 years of age. At that point, I worked in a labor job and made $6.00 per hour.

One day I got this voice (Inner) in my head that kept telling me, “I could do something better with my life.” I then bought a $10.00 book that showed me how to start my own business. The business was investing in income properties. I had great success in it and became a millionaire.

If you’ve read any of my previous best selling books, like Building Wealth, you can find all the details there. For now, let’s focus on Purpose and Passion and how Inner Voice® Principles worked for me.

After writing 3 best selling books on how I made my first million dollars and more, most people would think I had a passion for real estate and starting businesses. That is not true at all. I’ve never thought that and I let people think what they wish, that is, until I took 5 years of my life to learn everything I could about Inner Voice®.

My passion was not in real estate or business. I bought a book that said I could be a MILLIONAIRE and that’s what I latched on to. From that day, all I could think of was this. If I became a millionaire, I could show all those people who said I was nothing and nobody, that I was somebody! Now we all know that money may not solve all those problems, but that’s what I latched onto. Do you have a dream? Have you had a song in your head that you’ve wanted to sing? Is there something that just keeps coming into your head and you know you can do it, but are just lacking an ingredient or two? Well, if that’s so, Inner Voice® will take all those questions out and help you achieve anything you put your mind to.

So becoming a millionaire was my purpose, not real estate investing or business. I then “developed” a passion of wanting to help low and moderate income people have decent, safe and affordable housing. Helping others is what drove me, not real estate.


The training business thrived and made great money, but it was one of my least profitable businesses.  It also required more work and effort than most.  I put my heart, sole and time into helping others to find the financial blessings that God gave me and most benefited greatly.

Today, I realize that I had a Purpose with that business.  Then and today, I have a NEED to help and save others with my blessings and I do it every day.  But today as I connect the dots backwards in my life, all the way back to childhood wounds and experiences is this……


Now you have one of the most valuable keys to the holy grail for success in business, life, relationships, health and wealth.  Our next goal is to either have you do your own Discovery Chart so you can start connecting the dots backwards and discover your own  PURPOSE and develop you PASSION.  Let’s find that song you have to sing and together let’s write that plan.

Namaste’ & Carpe Diem!
Russ   (Whitney)

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